I am currently teaching WordPress 1 at Mohawk College (I’m overly excited about this, one of my dreams came true) and students had to install and configure a Google Analytics plugin. Of course, when integration came up, plugins asked for a Google account and most of them didn’t know how to proceed (use their own or create a new one).

This is my response on what I do:

As you already know, when installing a plugin or anything related to WP, you are required to provide/create an account – mostly email/password combination. 

I want to share the way I approach web development:

1) If I am developing for a client, I always ask in advance if they have a Google account for web development, online marketing, etc. (not their principal business account): this is very important because most web technologies integrate with Google or run on their platform one way or another. By having a Google account, you can save lots of time and centralize reporting and management. If they do not have a Google account, I always create one.

2) If I am creating websites for myself or for institutions I manage, I use a master Google account I created for this purpose and just add the new sites as new properties.

3) When developing for somebody else, I always create an admin account named “marcohernandez” and do all the work using that account, not the WordPress main Dashboard admin account. This is just good governance and covers your own behind if something happens and audits are required. Most of my webdev ends when project is completed and clients take over, and if they do not desire maintenance from my end and break something, we all know what happened.